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General terms and conditions of sale

General terms



Travel in Med is a social network and an online platform for (travel and) tourism professionals. The website -  - is edited by "Travel in Med s.a.r.l." , company with a €. 15,000 capital, with its head office in  57 rue Grimaldi, MC- 98000 Monaco, registered in the Principality of Monaco under number : 15S06631.
Hereafter "Travel in Med" will be referred to as "TIM".
"Client" : refers to the signatory of this contract


1  Our mission

Travel in Med’s mission is to connect worldwide professionals who are looking for Mediterranean touristic products, in order to ease connections between professionals, and, by doing so, to enhance their productivity and knowledge of the market.


2  Registration

By clicking to validate your registration form, you are concluding a binding contract with Travel in Med s.a.r.l.  in Monaco. This contract includes the following general terms and conditions of sales.


3 Subscribing to Travel in Med

Your account belongs to you.
You accept to select a secured password and to keep it confidential 
You accept to fully fill in the registration form including the following compulsory sections .

  • Company name
  • Your quality : travel  or tourism agency outside Mediterranean countries or Mediterranean suppliers of services (travel  or tourism agency, hotel, guide, guestrooms, chauffeured car, tourist office, incoming agency …)
  • Full address
  • Your professional registration number given by the relevant authorities.
  • Identity of the interlocutor
  • Surname, name, contact, telephone and main e-mail address.

Also we suggest you to fill in the box “Description of the supplier’s activity” so you will be better identified by Travel in Med members.


4  Security and Obligations

You agree to abide by the following written rules :

You can :

  • Use Travel in Med services within the limits of its mission, abiding by the applicable laws – including laws of respect for private life, laws related to intellectual property rights and laws related to unsolicited e-mails.
  • Send us information concerning your exact profile and update them  (updating must be made by the Client)
  • You must use the services in a professional way.

You cannot

  • Provide false information and create an account for someone else without prior written authorization
  • Upload viruses or other malicious codes on the Travel in Med website
  • Use the « News » or e-mail system to publish malicious messages that could hurt any user.
  • Intimidate or harass a Travel in Med member.
  • Use the “News” or e-mail system to publish messages inciting hatred, violence or pornography.
  • Use Travel in Med for illegal, malicious  or discriminatory purposes
  • Access an account that belongs to another Travel in Med member
  • Falsify your identity
  • Act in a way that could deactivate, overload or block the proper running of Travel in Med.
  • Use the signs of the  intellectual property of someone else
  • Use our mark without prior written authorization from us.
  • Use the contact details and data of persons and companies members of Travel in Med, outside the site, without their agreement.


5   Protection of third parties rights

  • Travel in Med has the right to remove any content of the Client’s published information, if deemed not in compliance with the above rules (Art. 4 : Security and obligations).
  • In case of breach of the spirit of these rules or if you create a risk of legal charges against TIM, we will have the right to block and cancel you access to Travel in Med.
  • If we cancel your account, you will need our authorization to create a new one.
  • Any claim, lawsuit or dispute related to the present conditions of use will be brought to a Monaco court exclusively. You are accepting to espect this court ‘s decision, in the frame of such actions.
  • Although we set behavior rules for the internauts, we are not, in any case, responsible for the contents and information posted by our members.


6   Use of cookies

When visiting TIM website, one or more cookies (small text files) may eventually be loaded on your hard disk. In particular, these cookies will allow the correct functioning of the global navigation channels and the personalization of your full or partial access to our website.

You may suppress cookies loaded during your visit to our internet site using the toolbar of your navigator. The suppression of cookies must be done once your navigation of the site is over. If not, you are informed that the use of our website - and the services available on our site - could be disrupted or even stopped.


General conditions of sale



The general principle to access the TIM platform services is an annual subscription of NINETY €uros (€. 90). This fee is waived for touristic organizations (regional and tourist offices) , Institutionals (Ministries, trade associations and unions)  and Media (professional media working in tourism and travel). For these categories, the registration is free (*)

At any time and without previous notice, Travel in Med may modify the present General conditions.


1       Registration process to “Travel in Med” services

1.1   Free launching test period

The access to Travel in Med site and services is free of charge during the launching period, i.e. until  October 10th, 2015. From October 10th, 2015 onwards, the fee to subscribe to Travel in Med services amounts to €ur. 90 per year (excl. taxes)
Beyond this launching period, any new member will be granted a gratis test period of 30 days.


1.2  Subscription

All registrations requests are to be made through the Travel in Med website exclusively. Payment is done when submitting the registration.
The Client must hold a personal or company valid bank card and be over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to place orders with Travel in Med.
Clicking the « Pay » button, on the screen that recapitulates the order, forms an electronic signature that expressly certifies - without reservation - the Client’s consent to the present general conditions of sale and to the specific conditions (more specially the unit fee)
Doing so, the client renounces to boast any contradictory ( ou conflicting) document and, in particular, his own general conditions of purchase.
The Client may relinquish his order up to the validation of payment of his order.
Payments of orders are done by credit card  (Visa / Eurocard / Mastercard)  directly on the website, via the secured payment interface of BNP PARIBAS. The bank transaction is effective at the time of the order.
The annual fee to subscribe to Travel in Med services is of €uros 90, excluding taxes.
Our prices are mentioned in Euros (€. 90) excluding taxes, all orders are invoiced and payable in Euros.


1.3  Process of payment

Two weeks before the paying date :  a mail will be automatically sent to the member, indicating that his gratis test period ends  2 weeks later.  (He will be asked to settle his annual membership fee. (the subscription will start at the time of the payment).

One week before the paying date, in absence of any payment, a mail automatically reminds the member that the free test period ends within one week. He is invited to settle his annual membership fee. (the subscription will start at the time of the payment).

At the paying date, if the payment has not been effected, a mail will automatically indicate that the account will be blocked the following day. However, the member will have the possibility to reactivate the account as soon the payment is done. In such case, the registered subscriber falls into a “blocked” category. This means that his data and environment are kept. In case of late payment, the account is reactivated and takes into account the date of payment.

Each payment received prompts a welcome notification mail on Travel in Med mentioning the starting and ending dates of the subscription  (one year) together with the related paid invoice (excl. taxes).  

A 'Pay for  your membership' tab is available, depending of the member’ situation. When the internaut decides to activate his payment, the process is done through the secured payment systems of Travel in Med. and the information of his profile.
Once the payment is confirmed by the bank, an invoice justifying the settlement is sent by mail to the Client.

The next due date for payment is updated in the 'My account' section.


2  Free of charge for entities (*)

Subscriptions to Travel in Med are free of charge for the following partner entities :

2.1. Registration process for Institutions and Media

Institutions (Ministries, Trade Associations and Unions) and Media (journalists, press companies and media specialized in tourism) will be registered by Travel in Med webmaster service. This will be done by a simple request mailed to TIM at the following address : There will be no invoicing.
Once the request has been validated, the webmaster service will forward them their identity codes to access the Travel in Med site.

2.2  Registration procedure for Tourist and Travel Organizations

Members falling into the « Tourist Organizations » category :  Regional and Local Organizations  – Tourist Offices  can apply directly (standard registration process). There will be no invoicing.


We will inform you of all important modification of the present conditions and will give you  the possibility to consult and accept the new version.